Ways to Have a Successful first 90 days at the New Job
March 22, 2016
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So you have an offer in hand, but you’re currently employed. What Next?

From witnessing hundreds of high level career transitions in the #AEC Market, we’ve learned a thing or two about #COUNTEROFFERS and the downfalls of taking one. Whether you choose to move or stay, you should MAKE YOUR DECISION PRIOR to telling your employer that you have an offer in hand. Why is that? Here’s some points to consider:

-If you choose to accept the new offer, you’ve already given your word to your new company. Your current employer should respect that. Why leave the door open for a counter offer?

-If you do you get countered and choose to stay, you likely burned the bridge with the new company, and now you just received a surprise raise that nobody had planned. That means that you’ll likely not be seeing another raise any time soon, and resentment will usually settle in after the dust settles. The new firm that is offering you more doesn’t see it as a raise for you. They see it as your starting point.

-If you’re being counter offered, do you think your current employer suddenly cares so much about you and your career? Or do you think they’re more focused on the problems that they’ll have after you leave? Either way, it’s not your problem anymore.

All in all, if you choose to stay at your company… you should respectfully decline the new offer(s) first. THEN you can tell your employer about the offer you vetted and already turned down. They will respect you a lot more, and won’t feel like they’re cornered by someone who is incapable of making their own decision. Remember, as long as you’ve fulfilled your duties at your job, you owe nothing to your current employer except a formal resignation notice if/when you decide to accept a new offer. You don’t owe them a conversation before you make your decision.

Every other party has their own Agenda. Shut out the noise. Get some unbiased opinions. Make the decision that’s best for you and your career.

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