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June 14, 2018
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Ways to Have a Successful first 90 days at the New Job

Passing the first 90 days successfully at your new workplace is a tough task. You may often feel alienated and difficult to mingle around with the people at your workplace. The first 90 days at your workplace holds a great importance as you are continuously under the scrutiny in this period.

If you are looking for ways to successful tackle the first 90 days at the new job? You have landed at the right place. Follow this guide to know the things through which effectively pass the scrutiny test.

Know what is expected out of you

You should be completely aware of what your boss expects from you and work accordingly. Perform your job obligations with maximum efficiency in order to leave a better impact. Understand completely the way your boss works. The sooner you familiarize yourself with the new surroundings and the work environment, the better results you will get.

Team Player

Working in a team requires a lot of patience and coordination. You must have the ability to perform well in team projects. This will not only help you in better performance but also in knowing your colleagues and the way they work.

Never Miss on Deadlines

Missing on deadlines during your first 90-days is equivalent to crime. Your each move is noticed and a delay on your part will surely leave a negative impact. The future of your job is going to depend on the impression and performance you will give in first 90 days, so you need to be extra careful in this tenure to leave a good image.

Be Inquisitive

Do not hesitate in asking questions if you are unclear about any instruction passed to you. Take part in important discussions and voice your opinion (in a positive manner) where possible. A good way to assess your progress in scrutiny period is to ask your supervisor or manager about your performance, flaws and the ways you can improve your shortcomings (if any).

Keep Learning & Set your Goals

There is no way that you can learn all about the organization and work procedure in first few days of joining. Always be open to learning more about the organization and how the work is done there. Set goals for yourself and try your best to achieve them.

Stay Away from Office Politics

Office politics is fast becoming a norm in workplaces. People may be good on each other’s faces, but a lot of backbiting happens almost everywhere. You do not need to pay heed to negatives rather focus on your work. You should be extra careful in this matter and try to stay away from the office politics as much as you can.

You can successfully pass the first 90 days at your new workplace by creating your image as a credible person. These first few days of your new job will decide your future and a slight mistake or carelessness on your part can be risky for you. Hard work and positive attitude should be your core strength to successfully pass the trial period.

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