Talent FAQS

1Why should I use Altus?
The most common quote we receive from our clients is that we “get it.” Our company has over 5 years of experience in job placement for the engineering industry. We know you want the best candidates IN the market, not the best candidates ON the market. We do not obtain our job candidates from the typical job boards such as Careerbuilder, Monster, Indeed, or others. We deliver results with a consulting based approach for employers and employees and focus on the goals of each party, not just the credentials and job description. Check out what our clients are saying about us. http://www.altusjobs.com/client-success-stories/
2Where do you get your candidates from?
Identifying good talent has become easier with the use of social media applications, but attracting and recruiting them has become more difficult. The majority of our leads come from a specific marketing approach and referrals, and we do not obtain our job candidates from the typical job boards such as Careerbuilder, Monster, Indeed, or others.
3How much do you charge?
For candidates the service is completely free, and the only thing we ask for is referrals for a job well done For clients who seek to make a hire, fees can vary based on industry, experience level, volume of hiring, whether its retained or contingent search agreement.
4What sort of candidates do you have in your network?
Our company initially began with servicing building engineering organizations but has evolved to service all aspects of the building design and construction industry. We have successfully helped Architects, Engineers, Construction, and commissioning professionals make career changes. Our network is comprised of entry level candidates up to Senior VP level of worldwide engineering firms.
5Can you offer my company advice to help us recruit successfully?
Yes. One of the value-added benefits we provide our clients is a training for your leadership on how to attract and recruit for their open positions. This training provides a better working experience between Altus and our clients, but also increases the effectiveness of their own internal hiring practices.
6What is your internal interview process like for your candidates?
We provide a proprietary confidential profile as our initial vetting process. Afterward one of our consultants will conduct a phone or video chat interview with the job candidate for general understanding and then a second interview specifically for the job that meets the goals and needs for one of our clients.
7Do you provide a background check on the candidates?
We do provide background checks on request from our clients which is added to our invoice after the job candidate begins the job with you.
8What is the process for me to set up an interview with a candidate?
Once we have provided a candidate and interest has been verified for both employer and employee one of our Altus consultants will coordinate an interview.
9Do I have to send the offer to Altus first or can I contact the candidate directly?
We ask that all offers are sent through your Altus representative first.