Candidate FAQS

1How does Altus work?
We are a professional job placement company that specializes in the engineering market. There is no cost to the employee / candidate. The employers have hired us to help find the best talent for their organizations.
2Why should I consider using Altus?
We allow you to evaluate opportunities with companies while remaining completely confidential. Most people we represent consider themselves “passive” job seekers and would like to evaluate opportunities without bringing attention to their employer. Our approach to job placement has been reversed. We ask you about your goals and timing and take the time to find an organization within our network who can offer what you are seeking. If you work in the Architectural, Engineering or Construction (AEC) market, we think you should connect with us. We service more than 300 engineering firms in the world ranging from 5 – 10,000 employees
3What kind of jobs are you hiring for?
The employers who use our service are mainly in the AEC / design and construction market; however we service many multi-discipline engineering companies who use us for other disciplines of hiring as well. The disciplines we specialize in are: Engineers, Architects, construction projects managers, estimators, CAD drafters, BIM modelers.
4What markets do you serve?
If your background is in Architectural, Engineering or Construction (AEC), we suggest you connect with us. We service more than 300 engineering firms in the world ranging from 5 – 10,000 employees
5How can I guarantee my confidentiality?
This is our specialty Most of our job candidates are currently employed and need to remain confidential. By using our “confidential profile” we can approach employers only with your credentials without any contact information or current employer. Once a potential employer agrees they can meet your goals with an opportunity at their organization we will bring this to you for your approval to send your name and contact information. If you decide you are not interested in the opportunity available we will let the potential employer know as well and they will not know who you are.
6What levels of positions do you hire for?
We have experience in helping job candidates from entry level, up to Senior Vice President of the largest engineering firm in the world.
7How long does the job consideration process take?
This process can be as short or as long as you request. Since we focus on your goals and timing we could possibly have a company who can offer what you want now, but it may also take months to find the right position for you. We don’t pressure you to accept a job and you can choose to decline any offers you receive from our clients. By categorizing yourself as a Red, Yellow or Green light we will know how quickly you want to move through the process.
8Am I obligated to only consider jobs through Altus?
No. We will bring opportunities to you based on the criteria of information and goals you provide us, but you do not have to engage in an interview. Sometimes it’s good to just “dip your toe in the water” first, but you are welcome to consider jobs that are outside of our referral.
9What happens if I accept a job?
First you will receive a congratulations from us! You will have the ability to accept, decline or ask for a revision. Our consulting staff can help you with a revision if you feel you would like to work for the employer but the offer needs some changes. Afterward, we can help you navigate the process of properly giving a resignation notice to your current employer. This can be difficult but one of our consultants can provide template emails, letters and coaching to avoid an awkward situation.
10I like the company, but the offer is too low. What should I do?
Relax, this happens sometimes. If you like the company but the offer doesn’t meet your needs, please let your Altus consultant know the specifics of the offer that you want changed and we will contact the company who has made the offer for a revision.
11I referred someone to Altus for job consideration. When do I get my referral bonus?
If you have referred a job candidate to us who has accepted a job you can expect your referral 90 days after your referral has started their job. One of our consultants will reach out to you to obtain your personal information and mailing address.