Client Success Stories

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Brandon and his team at Altus have been great to work with. He’s taken the time to truly understand our firm and introduce us to qualified and talented candidates. Locating talented employees to fill specific positions in a niche market like MEP consulting is more difficult than simply matching a rolodex to a generic job description. Altus has worked with us to go beyond a simple job description and really understand the internal operational need we’re looking to meet. Many times, as the candidate search progresses, so too does the job description and Altus is willing and able to flex with us at each step of the process, always understanding that our standards are high and we’re not willing to compromise with regards to potential employees.

MEP consulting firm in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Altus has been instrumental in assisting us with the continued growth of our Company. By understanding the importance of developing and keeping customer relations and loyalty, Altus has been able to recognize strategic partnership opportunities, and has the ability to forge the lasting relationships necessary for effective ecosystems.”

Top 100 MEP Giant in New York

Kyle and his team provided great assistance helping us fill an immediate need. We found ourselves in position requiring an employee that had knowledge of our niche market with a certain skill set for that market, someone who could start relatively quickly requiring minimal training. Kyle provided candidates who seemingly fit our needs. Kyle was also respectful of our time by not recommending candidates that did not fit our requirements. The first candidate we interviewed hit the mark. Although being with us a short time, the candidate fit in as if he’s been a part of our company for years.It was a pleasure to work someone who understood our needs and followed through on his commitment to fill that need. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with Kyle.

Top 100 MEP Giant

The Altus team has provided outstanding service to our Firm and has exceeded our expectations in every facet. Each person we have worked with at the firm, especially Sabba, has made the process seamless. They do not randomly send resumes of candidates on a daily basis in hopes that one of the candidates will “stick”. They do not waste the time of a client with meaningless interviews with candidates that do not fit the position. Altus takes their time to find qualified, dependable and hardworking engineering professionals whom meet our needs and standards. They understand that quality over quantity is key; candidates are carefully selected. The Altus team is patient and willing to have constant communication to insure we select the right candidate for the job.

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