Insight of the Altus Environment

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Mission Statement

The role of the Recruiter is to develop as many relationships as possible with qualified candidates for Altus Clients’ Job Orders. The focal goal of this position is to create consulting relationships where you position yourself and Altus to be the expert in the prospect’s industry and caring for the candidate’s goals and desires. In this role you will be expected to learn the true desires of why a candidate would consider a new position or what it would take to attract them to a new position. 90% of Altus Placements are candidates whom are currently employed and not “looking” for a new position. Therefore, this role requires the strong ability to influence through verbal & written communication.


1. Cold and warm calling – Inside Sales Environment – outbound minimum 50 calls per day.

2. Sending regular marketing emails and texts to candidates for consideration (30 per day minimum).

3. Working with the supporting cast and tools provided by Altus to Target Qualified Leads.

4. Having “Pre-Screen” conversations with qualified candidates (3 per day) to learn their goals.

5. Studying Altus Clients to know how to best sell or navigate qualified prospective job candidates.

6. Coordinating with Account Managers and Recruiting Leaders to ultimately close deal.

7. Develop exceptional pipeline / book of business with goal of financial advancement

Schedule: 8:30am – 5pm


1. Annual Base Salary

2. Placement Commissions

3. Monthly Performance Bonuses

4. Healthcare (BCFL HMO), Dental, Vision, Life Insurance – (Altus Pays 50%)

5. 401K Employer Match up to 3.5%

Benefits: Medical 50% covered by Altus (including dental), time off, flexible schedule, 401k match and other growth incentives


1. Efficiency11. Calm under pressure
2. Honesty & Integrity12. Strategic thinking
3. Aggressiveness13. Enthusiasm
4. Follow through on commitments14. Work Ethic
5. Intelligence15. High Standards
6. Analytical Skills16. Listening Skills
7. Attention to Detail17. Openness to criticism
8. Persistence18. Communication
9. Pro-activity19. Teamwork
10. Flexibility & Adaptability