• recruiter
  • account manager


Mission Statement

Develop relationships with Altus client representatives who you have targeted as a current or potential organization who will use our service. The purpose is to create a consulting relationship where you are the expert on the product and service we provide in order to act as a liaison between the prospect and an Altus Client.
We have a financial responsibility to the Altus client.

There are a limited number of clients available and multiple more prospects to choose from.


1. Navigate and aid recruiter in closing the candidate with the Altus client by involving yourself early.

2. Accurately input all relevant data about your candidate / prospect into the Altus database system.

3. Develop multiple relationships within each Altus client.

What is viewed as proper management of an Altus client?

1. Having multiple relationships the client through multiple offices: HR, management, department heads, etc.

2. Being aware of open jobs through regular marketing and checking company website

3. Being an expert on the client: structure, compensation, titles, size, location, specialty

4. Knowing about our competition within the client

Schedule: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Compensation: Compensation geared to share a bigger portion of profits.

Benefits: Medical 50% covered by Altus (including dental), time off, flexible schedule, 401k match and other growth incentives


1. Efficiency11. Calm under pressure
2. Honesty & Integrity12. Strategic thinking
3. Aggressiveness13. Enthusiasm
4. Follow through on commitments14. Work Ethic
5. Intelligence15. High Standards
6. Analytical Skills16. Listening Skills
7. Attention to Detail17. Openness to criticism
8. Persistence18. Communication
9. Pro-activity19. Teamwork
10. Flexibility & Adaptability