• Associate - recruiter
  • Junior-Associate - 
    recruiting consultant
  • associate -
    account manager
  • senior associate - director of recruiting
  • senior associate - director of client Services
  • Senior associate - director of operations
  • associate -
    new account representative
  • junior associate - LEAD GENERATION


Mission Statement

Develop relationships with individuals who you have targeted as a potential candidates for an Altus Client. The purpose is to create a consulting relationship where you are the expert on the prospects career experience and future goals in order to act as a liaison between the prospect and an Altus Client.


1. Successfully help job prospects make a career change with Altus clients.

2. Meet the minimum activity metrics required by Altus management
     - 200 outbound marketing calls weekly
     - 100 outbound marketing emails weekly
     - Receive 3 resumes weekly from a qualified prospect
     - Have 3 interviews conducted weekly between and Altus client and one of your prospects

3. Navigate through all the recruiting steps put in place to successfully transition a candidate to an Altus client.

4. Accurately input all relevant data about your candidate / prospect into the Altus database system.

Schedule: 8:30am – 5pm

Compensation: Salary, monthly commission, year end bonus

Benefits: Paid time off, flexible schedule, paid medical, car incentive program


1. Efficiency11. Calm under pressure
2. Honesty & Integrity12. Strategic thinking
3. Aggressiveness13. Enthusiasm
4. Follow through on commitments14. Work Ethic
5. Intelligence15. High Standards
6. Analytical Skills16. Listening Skills
7. Attention to Detail17. Openness to criticism
8. Persistence18. Communication
9. Pro-activity19. Teamwork
10. Flexibility & Adaptability